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Gauntlet of Time by Elthion Gauntlet of Time by Elthion
An epic battle for a Seventh Sanctum Contest. Generators used are as follows:
Deity Generator: This romantic goddess of prophets takes the form of an older woman. She is very tall and has a curvy build. She has straight, long, gray hair worn in a silly style. Her large eyes are silver. She has white skin. Her outfit is made from the skin of an ancient monster, and is that of a shaman. She carries a buckler. She seems to distort space around her.

General Person Generator: This guy makes you think of a hunting tiger. He has slitted sky-blue eyes. His silky, straight, black hair is worn in a style that reminds you of the rays of the sun. He has a graceful build. His skin is cream-colored. He has high cheekbones. His wardrobe is mysterious and bizarre, with a completely brown color scheme.

Legendary Creature Generator: This monster was formed from the skin of Satan. It vaguely recalls the form of a dragonfly and has seven legs like those of a tarantula. It has milky-white skin covered in nodules. It is wreathed in flames.

This mythical being is a creation of alchemists. It loosely resembles a python, and it has yellow quills covering its skin. This creature has three tails. For some reason, its hard to look directly at it.
Evil Deity Generator: Ubawebyen, The Eye

Quest Item Generator: Gauntlet of Time

Magical Girl Generator: This bouncy magical girl has droopy sand-colored eyes and shoulder-length, straight, thick, red hair worn in an artistic style. She has a busty build. She has evil powers that come from a series of rings. Her beautiful, clingy uniform is mostly black.
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January 25, 2007
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